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Why filming in Greece?

Greece has always had a long and spectacular love affair with Hollywood and the international film making community. Now, more than any other time, a country of myth, light, sea, sand - and warm, friendly people - becomes one of the most suitable, attractive and convenient locations in Europe. New policies and incentives are destined to make Greece the most sought-after movie set for inspired film makers.

CL Productions will work closely with producers to provide services and facilities rarely found in any other country. This alone, combined with the diversified locations and the breathtaking beauty of land and sea, will make Greece a valuable asset for every major production.

In a nutshell, a producer may expect:

  • CL Productions, a full service company (manned by seasoned professionals) which will provide information, location scouting, budgeting, crewing and will also act as a liaison with all proper authorities for securing permits quickly and painlessly.
  • Access to archaeological sites and other special locations, including airport hangars that can be used as huge soundstages.
  • Hotel, airline and inland transportation deals.

For Greece, there's no blanket agreement. Each project requires (and receives) its specific evaluation and support.

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